Saturday, October 29, 2011

Images of Melbourne

Hello Beautiful Fresh Flowers at Babka

The winning Danish -Rhubarb and Pear from Loafers

I've arrived in Sydney for classes, after a wonderful week or so in Melbourne. A couple of quick images of much beauty !!! Classes were deeply rewarding for me in Melbourne, and again in Sydney-just finished the Nourishing Wisdom course.  I get to meet such amazing people and see that we are all keen to change - it's just how to go about it. But whilst I was in Melbourne, I made it my mission to taste the best Danish's in the Fitzroy area before class - up early for a cup of tea and Danish (yes I did have a solid egg/asparagus/greens breakfast before class!!)... my little working holiday treat. Favourites? Raspberry Danish at Babka, and most favourite the organic Loafers in North Fitzroy...

I'll be back shortly .... Nourishing Young Children course in Sydney today, and I'm off to the market to shop for fresh produce before setting up....

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